When considering a new job opportunity, there are obviously many things to look at.  Salary may generally be uppermost in people’s minds when looking at a new job, but there are many other important factors to examine as well.  These factors are all key to determining that all-important fit between job candidate and employer.

1) One of the most important factors in job satisfaction is the relationship between you and your superior.  So when you’re thinking of working for a certain boss, you need to find out how she manages.  How does she make decisions?  How will she evaluate your performance?  In other words, you need to get a feel for a potential new boss’ personality.

2) Take a real analytical look at the kind and amount of work you will be doing.  Be wary if overtime seems to be the norm – for a professional job, occasional overtime may be necessary, but if it is common, it may signal a lack of resources or some other problem.  Also, what kinds of skills does the work involve – is it more project management, developing strategy, handling client relationships, or doing creative work?  How much autonomy will you have in doing it?  What are the opportunities for advancement?  Does the company have a practice of promoting from within, or does it look outside the company first?

3) How do you feel about the mission and values of the company, and the company’s leaders?

4) Also, don’t forget to take a look at the financial health of the company.  A good indicator of this is the earnings per share.  Has it been going up year after year, or have there been dips?

5) You will also want to know about the people you will be working with and how the relationships have been among employees.  What will they expect from you?  How interdependent will the jobs be?  When talking to prospective coworkers, get their take on the manager.

If you will have people working under you, try to get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses.  Will you be able to effectively manage them?

8) Another thing to think about is travel time.  Be honest with yourself in determining how long a commute you can manage on a daily basis.  Remember, it may not seem so bad for a few days or a week, but driving it for a number of years may be a different story.  How would such a commute affect your lifestyle?

9) And finally, that question about pay – are you being valued at your worth in the marketplace?

Once you have answers, make a list of pros and cons, assigning more weight to those items that matter more to you, before making a final decision.
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