Giving presentations is an integral part of many jobs. One of the most popular ways of doing this is by using PowerPoint. But there are certain guidelines you should follow to make your presentation as effective as possible. Here are a few.

The audience

First thing to do is think about your audience, because this will determine the overall structure and direction of your presentation. Think about their background. How much do they know about your topic, and what do you think they want to know about it?


Then you need to think about your message. What is the main point of your presentation, why are you giving it? What one thing do you want your audience to remember? Your whole presentation needs to be built around this central idea.

Then you can begin to put together an outline, jotting down main topics and organizing your information.


Keep it simple. Use bullet points and short, concise phrases rather than long blocks of text. Try to limit your presentation to no more than 10 slides. The font should be 30 point at a minimum so it is easy to see. Keep the font and color scheme the same for the entire presentation.

Also, you should use no more than two or three bullet points on each slide. The slides are meant to assist in helping the audience understand your presentation. They are not meant to carry the main message. In other words, you should be able to deliver the presentation without the PowerPoint without any disruption of the content.

You should also try to structure your presentation in the form of a story because people enjoy hearing stories. Or if you cannot do that, try incorporating stories in the presentation by focusing on people.

Use visual aids, such as slides, diagrams, or videos, to help illustrate your points and keep the audience engaged.

The presentation

Practice your presentation beforehand to help you feel more confident and comfortable. Use a clear and strong speaking voice, and make eye contact with your audience. Also be aware of body language. Using occasional gestures will help.

Leave time for questions at the end, and be prepared to answer any questions that the audience may have.

Finally, make sure to save your presentation and bring a backup copy with you in case of technical difficulties.

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