Since the pandemic, workers have been much more concerned about mental health issues and well-being. As a result, companies are paying more attention to the relationship between work conditions and mental health.

The office of the United States Surgeon General recently released a report that contained some facts and figures about work and mental health, along with recommendations for improvement.

A current survey of US workers showed that about three-fourths of all workers in the United States exhibited some symptoms of mental illness, such as anxiety and depression. This is about 20 percentage points higher than just two years ago.

More than 80 percent of workers stressed the importance of working for companies that take mental health seriously. The same number also noted conditions at their workplaces that had a negative impact on mental health.

The Surgeon General’s report outlined the following recommendations:

1. Protection

The report stated that companies need to create environments that ensure the physical and psychological safety for all of their workers. Such environments are important for ensuring good mental health.

Psychological safety means creating an environment where all workers feel that they can speak freely about problems and complaints, as well as giving input about planning and goals without facing harsh criticism.

These are environments that are welcoming and supportive, where everyone feels they can offer opinions and collaborate productively.

2. Connection

Companies need to foster a sense of community among their workers and connections among them to help support their mental well-being

3. Inclusion

Companies need to create workplaces that celebrate and foster diversity and make everyone feel accepted and important to the company

4. Work and life balance

Companies need to establish policies that encourage a healthy work-life balance for employees because this has a big impact on mental well-being also.

Some ways to do this include offering employees greater flexibility with scheduling and time off, as well as remote work. Encouraging employees to use their vacation time and offering things like gym memberships.

5. A sense of purpose

Employees need to feel that their work is meaningful, that it is important, and that they are making a substantial contribution to the company with their work.

6. Professional Growth

Workers need to be given opportunities to grow and develop in their professions, to take on new responsibilities and tackle new challenges. These are also necessary for overall mental well-being.

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