These days, as the pace of change continues to accelerate, companies value creativity and innovation more than ever. Managers want their teams to be creative in finding solutions to problems. Here are a few ways to spur creativity among teams at work.

Challenge your team

To help your team members be more creative, you have to challenge them to think outside the box. You need to encourage them to question assumptions and try new things, ask questions and reframe problems and issues.

Give them space to innovate

Creative ideas need time to percolate and ripen. Employees need to have the freedom to work on their ideas and the time to do it. Google, for example, allows employees to take 20 percent of their time at work to focus on their own projects that will benefit the company.

Have a culture of creativity

Company leadership needs to show how much they value innovation among their people. They can do this by giving rewards and recognition to those who demonstrate innovation and creativity.


Diversity is essential for creativity and innovation. There should be diversity among team members, and not just superficial types of diversity, like demographic or cultural characteristics, but diversity in ways of thinking and doing things as well.


Team members should be encouraged to work together to find creative solutions to problems. Innovation comes about through the sharing of ideas and viewpoints among different people. The more people that contribute to the conversation, the more likely it is that they will find a creative solution.

Accept failure as part of the process

Innovation cannot come about if people are afraid to fail. In fact, many new innovations are failures. But this cannot be something that is frowned upon. Rather, it should be something that is accepted as part of the process.

Teams need to be able to learn from their failures and use them as stepping stones toward further innovation. People need to be willing to try new things and explore new paths, which always involves the risk of failure.

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