Networking is a great way to find a job. In fact, according to some research, most job candidates find new jobs through networking. But in order to get the most out of it, you have to avoid certain pitfalls. There is a right way and a wrong way to network. Here are a few of the wrongs that you should avoid.

1. Using only email

Email is not the best form of communication for networking. When networking, you’re trying to build a relationship, to make a connection. To do this, you need to have a conversation and create a dialogue so that you get to know each other better.

The best way to do this is either over the phone or face to face.

2. What’s in it for me thinking

You have to look at networking as a reciprocal arrangement. It has to be a give and take on both sides. What can you bring to the table? One thing might be information. There may be articles that are helpful to the contact, ideas, other data that you might be able to offer, things of this nature that the other person might find useful.

3. Asking for a job

The main purpose of networking is to gather information, to find out about opportunities or get leads for possible jobs. These meetings are not job interviews, and you should not be asking the contact to hire you.

4. Not making new connections

When you are networking, you should contact current and former friends, colleagues, and supervisors. But you need to expand your network beyond people you already know. You can get names of new people from others already in your network and reach out to these new contacts.

5. No clear purpose

When you meet with someone, you need to know why you are talking to the person, exactly what you hope to gain from the conversation, and make that aim clear to the person so he or she knows how to help you.

6. No follow up

Just as with a job interview, you should follow up your networking meeting with a thank you note. And also update the contact with how things are going.

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