In the past, when everyone worked in an office, company leadership could manage by dealing with workers face to face, by walking around and talking with employees in person. But this model is becoming outdated because of the rise of remote working.

As more companies move to a hybrid workforce, with some employees in the office and others working from home or other locations, the factors that influence the management of remote workers are beginning to emerge. These factors include things like goal setting, hiring, delegating, and building trust.

1. Establishing Goals

Establishing goals has acquired much greater importance when managing remote workers. When people were in an office, it was much easier for managers to talk with them about company goals, explaining what management wanted, giving more detail about the objectives, and talking about strategies to achieve those goals.

This is not quite as easy to do with a remote workforce. As a result, it becomes necessary to be as precise and specific about the goals you want to achieve right from the beginning. All team members need to know right from the start what managers want to accomplish, why these goals are so important, and which goals get priority.

2. Hiring

When people work in an office, it is much easier for a manager to see how people are performing and whether they are measuring up. This becomes more difficult, however, when you are dealing with a remote workforce.

Because of this, hiring becomes much more important. You need to be sure you can find people who can do the job, and that means a shift in focus to the demonstrated skills and knowledge that a job candidate has, rather than simply considering their experience and educational background.

3. Delegation

This also becomes more important when dealing with a remote work team. It’s much easier to pitch in and help a worker when they are in the office than it is with someone working remotely. So you need to know how to delegate effectively.

4. Building Trust

People need to know that they can trust you. That means when you say you will do something, you need to follow through. This becomes especially important when dealing with remote workers. When you’re working with people spread out over a number of different locations, it becomes that much more important to build up trust.

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