As companies scramble for top talent, and the recruiting process becomes more vigorous and intense, company recruiters looking to excel in this new environment are expanding their role in the process, leveraging their expertise to provide companies with new strategies to find the people they need.

Here are a few of the practices that recruiters on the cutting edge are adopting with the most progressive companies.

1. Advising hiring managers

In the past, hiring managers would tell recruiters what they wanted and recruiters would go out and attempt to find it. There was very little input from the recruiter. But that is now changing. Recruiters are now taking a more active role in advising hiring managers, letting them know if their expectations are out of sync with the job market, for example, and what is available.

Recruiters are also advising hiring managers on salary issues, here also informing them if their salary ranges are too low. And recruiters are also helping hiring managers improve their interviewing techniques.

2. Measuring diversity

Top recruiters are closely monitoring the diversity of job candidates at every step of the recruiting process. They understand that building a diverse workforce begins with recruiting. They want to be sure they are not losing minority candidates or candidates of different backgrounds along the way because of problems in the process.

These recruiters are looking at each phase of the process, beginning with the job descriptions and sourcing of candidates, all the way through evaluating resumes and interviewing, to make sure at each step the process is inclusive. They want to make sure it is mindful of the needs of people of varying backgrounds.

3. Providing opportunities for advancement

Company recruiters are also now more aware of company practices that help to attract and retain people, one of the most important being opportunities for career growth and advancement within the company. These recruiters are encouraging their companies to promote from within and to put more emphasis on mobility.

Another initiative that is strongly supported by visionary recruiters as a way of attracting talent is career coaching. Workforce coaches would work with individual employees to help them realize their full potential. The coaches would focus on the employee’s individual goals and aspirations and help him or her to reach those goals.

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