With the pandemic acting as a catalyst, a new workforce trend is emerging, a hybrid model where part of the company workforce is at the office, while another part is working remotely.

A survey by an independent research firm of more than 30,000 workers in 31 countries revealed that this new type of flexible work arrangement will become a permanent fixture in the business world moving forward. Workers want to have both the flexibility to work remotely, and they also want to have more time face to face with their teams.

After the pandemic, the workplace will be one that is much more flexible and more hybrid. As a result, about two-thirds of business leaders surveyed said they are looking at redesigning their workspaces to accommodate a hybrid workforce.

Other takeaways from the survey include the following:

1. Productivity is high, but workers are feeling the strain.

About 20 percent of workers responding worldwide said their company does not pay enough attention to work-life balance. More than half said they have too much work, and almost two-fifths said they feel exhausted.

And statistics show workload has indeed increased over the past year. The amount of time people spent in team meetings has more than doubled. The average length of meetings has increased by 10 minutes. People are sending 50 percent more chats each week.

2. Younger workers are struggling more

The survey showed that workers between the ages of 18 and 25, those labeled as Generation Z, are having more difficulty at work. Because people in this age group are in the early stages of their career and more likely to be single, they feel the isolation of remote work more keenly than older workers.

They have more difficulty balancing work-life demands than older workers.

3. Remote work is hindering networking

As the pandemic spread and people began working remotely, their communication became more focused to those in their department, and they stopped communicating with those in a wider network. As a result, more communication silos began to form and collaboration diminished.

These trends all highlight areas where company leadership needs to focus their efforts in the future — facilitating arrangements for hybrid work, restoring a more even work-life balance, and fostering greater communication and collaboration.

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