When people are working remotely and are more isolated, employee engagement might start to sag a little. As workers continue to struggle with the upheaval caused by the pandemic, stress levels are high. People are navigating a new and uncertain environment. This can take a toll on focus, energy and productivity.

If you find that you need to prod your people more often to stay on track and finish projects, it could be that morale is flagging. Here are a few tips on how to keep your remote employees engaged.

1. Focus on the company values.

The company’s values need to inform everything its workers do. The leadership needs to emphasize the values to employees. The company needs to make sure employees know and understand its values. Management needs to take time to discuss company values with staff and how they can work in accordance with these values.

And company management needs to lead by example, showing through their actions and habits the importance of company values, not simply by giving lip service to them.

Company leadership needs to show that the values they espouse are more than just buzzwords, but integral to the operation of the business.

2. Recognize employee efforts

One of the most effective ways that managers can maintain morale is by showing appreciation to their workers for their efforts and recognizing and praising their work. About two-thirds of workers surveyed said they would work harder if they received recognition, but the same number also said they receive little attention for their efforts.

Even small gestures, such as saying thank you, buying a person lunch, or giving a gift card, especially if done by a manager, can have a big effect.

Another way of maintaining morale is keeping the lines of communication open and giving feedback to employees. Some organizational experts recommend that managers meet with their staff at least once a week individually to ask workers what their priorities are for the week, how the manager can help, and how the employee is feeling.

3. Connect their job to the goals of the organization

Employees will be more engaged with their work also if they see how their efforts tie in with the overall goals of the company and how they are contributing to the achievement of those goals. They need to feel that they are more than simply a cog in a machine, but an integral and necessary part of the company.

4. Get feedback from employees

Whatever activities or measures you put in place to enhance employee engagement, it is important to find out how they are impacting employees. You need to get employee feedback, their input on how your efforts are working. This will enable you to make needed adjustments – continuing what works and dropping what doesn’t.

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