Is your company struggling to hang onto minority employees?

If it is, you are definitely not alone. Many businesses have the same problem. Much of it has to do with work cultures that are less than receptive to minorities. A recent study found that about one-fourth of Black and Latino workers are the victims of stereotypes, that LGBTQ workers are twice as likely as others to experience disparaging remarks, and women more likely than men to face sexual harassment.

What can be done about it? Here are some ideas.

1. Company leaders need to lead the effort for change.

As with most initiatives, it has to start at the top. The company leadership needs to make a commitment toward inclusion and diversity.

Businesses need to reach out to minority workers and listen to them, to find out what their experiences have been like and what they need to reach their potential. This cannot happen without gaining the trust of these workers, and that in turn cannot happen without leaders showing their sincere desire for change.

Leaders need to be willing to listen, and they might not like what they hear. So, they have to be willing to keep an open mind, admit they need to change, and then make a meaningful effort.

2. Find out the real reasons for minority turnover

You are not going to get at the fundamental causes of the problem through traditional employee feedback vehicles like performance reviews, employee surveys or exit interviews.

Setting up employee focus groups would be a more effective way to gather information. They will help you to learn about what is going on in more detail, both the big and little attitudes and actions that lead to minority turnover.

But, again, for these groups to be effective, you need to establish trust among minority employees that you are serious about the endeavor, and this again comes back to leadership and taking constructive action.

3. Provide support and career development opportunities

Minorities need a support system within the organization to help them perform their best and reach their potential. One way of doing this is to provide them with mentors who can coach them on how to advance their careers and to give them advancement opportunities.

They also need men and women at the senior leadership level who will advocate for these underrepresented workers, leaders who will get behind them and push for their interests and advancement within the company.

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