Although the pandemic has led to many job losses, companies are hiring again. The unemployment rate is still high. But even in this pandemic environment, companies still find themselves struggling to find top talent to fill essential skill positions.

To attract and retain the best people, you need to spark their interest in your company and get them excited about working there, showing them what a great place it is. To do this, you need to focus on three areas – your company’s efficiency, culture, and professionalism.

You want to show them that your company is well run and well organized, that it is efficient. You want to show them that your company has a good work environment, that it has a strong culture. And you want to show them that it is well regarded in the industry because of its professionalism. Here’s how to do that.

1. Begin with an introduction

When making contact with a job candidate, the first thing you need to do is tell them about the company and what it does. Explain what makes your company unique.

2. Show how you work together

Another way to impress a candidate is to show how the company works to develop a collaborative culture, a culture of teamwork. Bring the candidate to activities that are designed to develop closer ties among employees. These activities are usually interesting and enjoyable.

It gives the candidate an opportunity to meet the people he or she may be working with in a more relaxed environment, and also shows that working at the company offers a fun side as well.

3. Show the person around

Give them a tour of the office, so they get to meet people and see what the work environment is like and how people interact. Let employees know in advance that you will be giving the tour.

4. Be honest

Candidates value honesty from an employer. They don’t want to feel that the employer is trying to hide anything. So, if the candidate has questions about the job or company, answer them as honestly and directly as you can. This will impress the candidate more than anything.

Also, be honest about the job. Every job has its less attractive aspects. You should be honest with the candidate about what these are. In the long run, this is the best approach – it helps the candidate to more objectively evaluate whether he or she wants the job.

5. Focus on the person

Each candidate is different. They all have different personalities and interests, so it is a mistake to simply treat them all the same. Find out about their backgrounds and interests, their work style and preferences and show how the company can accommodate them.

6. Onboarding

Make sure your onboarding process is efficient and effective so that you can ease the person’s transition into the company workforce as much as possible.

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