As the pandemic continues to grip the country, it is taking a toll on people’s physical and mental health as they attempt to social distance and work from home. It is important that employees don’t ignore their physical health as they work remotely.

Healthy workers are happier, they take less time off, and they are more productive. Workers with health problems cost businesses billions of dollars each year in lower productivity. But working remotely makes it more difficult to get the exercise they need. In fact, many people have put on weight since they began working from home. Here are some ways to help workers take care of their health.

1. Leaders need to be role models

If you as a company leader emphasize physical health, it is much more likely that employees will take note and respond. Management needs to stress the importance of attending to physical, mental and emotional health. Let employees know how staying healthy will benefit them, and managers should let employees know what the managers do to stay healthy themselves.

2. Tell your employees to move around

The evidence now shows that sitting all day can literally be deadly – it can shorten your lifespan. You should encourage employees to regularly get up from their desks and walk around or get some other type of physical activity when they take breaks.

3. Tell employees to take care of themselves

They are contributing toward their healthcare, so they should use it by making sure they get regular checkups from their primary care physician and take advantage of any preventive health screenings available.

4. Help them eat healthy

Research is showing the importance of diet, exercise and sleep to our health. Science is showing how the nutrients in foods can help us to live longer, healthier lives. If employees were working in the office, you could focus on nutrition by offering healthy snacks and meals. But this is a little more difficult if people are working from home.
What you can do is provide information to help them make good nutritional choices.

5. Encourage employees to exercise
Exercise is crucial to both physical and mental health. Workers may believe they don’t have enough time to workout on a regular basis. But they need to know that exercising for as little as 30 minutes a day can help them improve and maintain good health.

In fact, working at home provides a good opportunity for working out. Since workers no longer have to commute, they can use that time to get some exercise.

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