When interviewing for a job, you naturally have questions about the position, the company and its operation. Now, in the middle of a pandemic, you need to ask a few additional questions that are Covid-19 related. You need to find out how the pandemic is affecting the business and how it will affect you if you are hired. Here are a few questions you need to ask.

1. What are the biggest challenges facing the company right now with the pandemic, and how will this job help to handle those challenges?

For a company to want to fill a position in the middle of a pandemic, it probably considers the job to be extremely important to its viability or growth. As someone looking to take the position, you need to understand the particular challenges the pandemic is creating for the company and how they see your role in helping to meet and solve those challenges.
The answer to the question will also give you an idea of what to expect if you take the job.

2. How is the company fostering communication and working together when dealing with social distancing and working remotely?

For some companies, working remotely is nothing new. They began doing it well before the pandemic. Other companies, however, may not have embraced the idea as much and are only now doing it because of the pandemic. You need to know what kind of company culture you will be dealing with and how they are maintaining connections among employees.

3. Since the pandemic began, has there been any change in the skills and abilities you are looking for in new hires?

One of the primary things companies are looking for is how well a person will fit in with the company culture. Asking this question shows that you are aware of that and have the same concerns.

4. How are you onboarding during the pandemic? What are you doing to make sure a new person is productive in the job?

As a new person, it is important to know how a company is doing onboarding while implementing social distancing and working remotely. What changes have been made to the process to ensure its effectiveness? How will you be communicating with other workers if you get the job? Will you be working remotely, and for how long?

5. The pandemic has infused a great deal of uncertainty into the business environment. How do you plan to deal with it and what are your top priorities going forward?

The company should be able to spell out for you their plans and goals. They should have a vision and strategy of how they plan to maneuver through the uncertainty.

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