Leadership has been defined as the act of motivating a group of people to achieve a common goal. Some leaders are better than others at doing this. Why do some leaders fail? Sometimes they just develop poor practices, faulty ways of doing things that hinder their effectiveness. Here are a few of those bad practices that leaders need to avoid.

1. Lack of consistency

Good leaders set an example. They don’t ask their workers to do anything they would not do themselves. Conversely, poor leaders often exempt themselves from the requirements they have for their workers. They have one set of rules for themselves, and another for their employees.

Good leaders know that actions matter more than words, and make sure their actions match their words.

2. No long-term view

Good leaders have a vision of where they want to take their company or their department. Poor leaders are simply concerned with the tasks they confront day to day. They are content to do things just as they have always been done.

3. Poor communication

Good communication skills are absolutely essential for good leadership. A leader needs to be able to clearly articulate his or her expectations and goals to the employees. Good leaders need to be able to give feedback to their workers to let them know how they are doing.

4. Isolation

Good leaders have an open door policy, always ready and willing to talk with their workers about problems and concerns. Poor leaders hold themselves aloof, ensconced in their offices, sending the message that they don’t want to be bothered.

5. No focus on employee growth

Good leaders help with the career development and aspirations of their people. They want to ensure that their workers are successful and engaged. Poor leaders are simply concerned with getting the job done. Whether anyone learns or grows from the experience is of little concern to them.

6. No desire to change

Poor leaders are unconcerned with the career development of their employees because the leaders are content with thing as they are. They are unconcerned with learning and improving themselves.

7. Not inspirational

Good leaders are enthusiastic and that energy is contagious. Good leaders are able to energize and inspire their employees to do their best work.

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