COVID -19 is changing many of our normal business practices, and one of them is recruiting. Before the pandemic hit, companies were struggling to find the talent they needed. Unemployment was low. Now, almost in the blink of an eye, the dynamic has been reversed.

Unemployment is at record highs, and employers now have the upper hand. It will be a lot easier for companies to find the people they need. In fact, the problem now will be weeding out the many unqualified applicants. This will present new problems for recruiters because of the amount of time it will take to filter out those unsuitable for jobs.

In this new COVID-19 environment, employers should consider making other adjustments to their recruiting practices to manage changing conditions. Here are a few.

1. Use screening software

Because of the high number of applications that companies can expect, they can save a lot of time by moving to an electronic screening system for job candidates. This will help to more quickly identify qualified people from among the hundreds of applicants.

2. The return of job boards

Because of the number of people looking for jobs, job boards are likely to become more popular. But the same situation with quality will prevail – there will be many applications, but relatively few with the necessary qualifications. To address this problem, companies should have applicant tracking systems with screening tools and integrate them with the job boards.

3. Build a talent pool

This is an excellent opportunity for companies to build their own talent pools because of the many jobseekers out there. Companies should have applicant tracking systems that can store all of the job candidate data needed and will enable the company to search for and match candidates to job requirements.

This will help the company to save time and money as it continually increases the number of people in the pool. It should be the focus of HR departments.

4. Incorporate video technology into the process

Companies are already moving in this direction because of the pandemic to avoid face-to-face meetings. Having video technology is now pretty much a necessity, and it should be integrated into the applicant tracking system.

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