As everyone knows, a resume is a place to showcase your knowledge and skills. But simply listing or describing your skills is not very persuasive. That is why career counselors recommend using examples of times you used your skills, or using facts and figures to support your claims.

For the so-called technical or hard skills, this method works well. These are the kinds of skills that are more concrete and quantifiable.

But increasingly employers are looking to see if candidates have well developed soft skills as well. These are skills of a more social nature – those that involve working with others, communicating effectively, leadership, integrity and work ethic,

But these types of skills are hard to quantify, more open to interpretation. A job candidate can try to use examples of times when he or she used these skills, but how persuasive they may be is an open question.

How Endorsements Work

That is why some career counselors are advocating the use of endorsements by other people in the resume. The job candidate includes quotes from other people attesting to the candidate’s performance and qualifications. The applicant offers support through these other people. The quotes can be from a supervisor, client, coworker, or anyone else with knowledge of the person’s work.

The best quotes are ones that can be validated through other sources, such as LinkedIn. And this is a good reason to gather as many recommendations on LinkedIn as you can. You can also use quotes from letters of recommendation, noting in your resume that the entire letter is available if the hiring manager wants to see it.

Or you can use compliments from a client or praise from a manager included in a performance review. You may, however, want to withhold names due to privacy considerations depending on the circumstances.

Where to Put Them

To enhance the impact of an endorsement, you can put it right after your summary at the beginning of the resume. Because this is such a high profile location, however, you want to be sure the quote you use is an especially good one. Other good locations on the resume for attestations are at the end of the document and in the job experience section, immediately after the job for which you were commended.

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