When looking at job candidates, employers naturally want people with the technical skills and knowledge for a particular job. But that is not all that companies are looking for. They also want to make sure the job candidate is a good fit for the company, that he or she can work well with others and his values align with those of the firm.

So, at a job interview, the hiring manager will also be evaluating the candidate’s attitude and personality as well as his qualifications. If you are going for a job interview, it is therefore important to make a good connection with the hiring manager right away, to establish a good rapport.

Here are a few ways to do that.

1. Appearance
First impressions are important. People form judgments about others very quickly, and those judgments color everything that follows. So, how you dress is important for making a good first impression.

For most jobs, the best attire for the interview remains a suit and tie, an outfit that is well tailored and neatly pressed. Make sure that your shoes are polished also.

Even if you are applying for a job where the dress is more casual – a tech startup, for example – you should dress a notch or two above what is normally worn at the company. A good choice would be cotton or wool slacks. A jacket is always a good choice at an interview.

2. Greetings
The small talk that takes place at the start of the interview is another excellent opportunity to make a good first impression. You should project an attitude of confidence, enthusiasm, and poise. When talking, smile and make eye contact. Watch body language as well.

This will set the tone because during this time the hiring manager will be taking your measure.

3. Background questions
Hiring managers usually begin the interview by asking you to tell them about yourself, to give them some facts about your background. You should tailor your answer toward the job you are applying for, highlighting those things in your background that relate to the job. You should talk about your experience, the essential skills that you have that apply to the job, your education, and a few of your accomplishments.

Keep this first answer to just about a minute or two. The purpose here is to excite the hiring manager’s interest so that he or she will want to know more.

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