Often when an employer eliminates a job candidate from consideration, they do it with a curt statement, telling the person the company hired someone else with more experience or skills.

But these days, with social media and a talent shortage, it is important for employers to maintain good relationships with job candidates. That means giving the candidate adequate feedback during the hiring process. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

1. Honesty
Companies need to give candidates more than a brief sendoff with some canned announcement if the person is not hired. Hiring managers need to be honest with the person as to why he or she was passed over. If for example the person did not seem enthusiastic enough or engaged enough about the job during the interview, the hiring manager should tell the person.

The hiring manager can also recommend areas where the candidate can improve for future interviews. Constructive criticism is what candidates want and really would be grateful to receive.

2. Preparation
If you are going to tell a candidate in more detail why he or she was not hired, you should have support or evidence for your assertions, an example you can refer to from the interview. This is why it is important to takes notes during the job interview, so you have the evidence you need.

3. Talk about strengths
It is never easy to be rejected, so it is important to also talk about the candidate’s strengths as well as their weaknesses. This will help to lift the person’s confidence.

4. Show empathy
Again, rejection is not a pleasant experience to go through, and hearing the news from someone who does not seem to care very much, who is just anxious to get it over with, makes things all that much worse. You need to show some empathy to maintain a good relationship with the person. If you maintain a good relationship, the person may apply for other jobs in the future.

5. Satisfy their concerns
After you have broken the news, the candidate may have questions or want more detail, and you should take the time to answer the questions as best you can and address the person’s concerns.

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