There is a lot being written these days about how to keep employees motivated and engaged. But most of this applies to full-time, permanent employees. There is little attention being given to contingent workers. But taking steps to keep the contingent workforce motivated is just as important because these workers are becoming more and more numerous in the workplace.

To keep contingent workers engaged, companies need to do many of the same things they do for their regular employees. Contingent workers need to be included in those processes that are now generally reserved for permanent workers, such activities as onboarding, training, professional development.

Here are a few important areas where companies can make changes quickly with their contingent workforce.

1. Employee experience
Companies need to strive to make the experience for independent contractors a positive one, from the time they interview with the firm until they leave. This should be a company goal for all contingent labor. They cannot be treated like second-class citizens.

2. Integration
Even though contingent workers are not legally employees, companies need to take steps to integrate them into the workforce like full-time employees. This means ensuring that they have a good understanding of the company’s mission, goals and values, and, additionally, and understanding of how their work fits into that framework.

One good way of integrating contingent workers is through recognition. If the company has a recognition program, contingent workers should be included in it.

3. Participation
For people to be engaged, to feel motivated and energized, they need to feel a sense of belonging with the organization they work for. In fact, this sense of belonging has been identified as one of the basic human needs by psychologists.

And the same is true for contingent workers – they need to have a sense of belonging for the company they work for. To foster this sense, managers need to treat contingent workers just the same as permanent employees, not as outsiders. Leadership needs to set the tone here, to show everyone how valued contingent workers are.

Another important way to foster this sense of inclusion is through communication and transparency, to be open and honest with them about the work they are doing and what they can expect.

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