Most bad hires occur because the person does not have the right skills needed to do the job, according to a recent survey of more than 2,000 business leaders.

About 40 percent of the company leaders polled said a mismatch in skills was the primary reason for a bad hire. Thirty percent said that new hires don’t work out because there are no clear expectations about performance.

Other reasons given for new hire failure are personality conflicts and failure to fit in with the company culture.

Here are some ways to avoid a bad hire, according to human resource professionals.

Have clear and relevant job descriptions.

Often companies simply recycle old job descriptions when advertising for a position. Before posting a description, stakeholders in the company need to get together and determine exactly what skills are needed to do the job. What skills are absolutely necessary, and what skills can be learned?

Interviews should focus on determining whether people have those skills.

To attract the best people, the job description also needs to make the case of why someone would want to work there. It should talk about the company’s mission, culture, and career growth opportunities.

Make sure to do a thorough reference check.

Talk to the job candidate’s former supervisors to find out about the person’s performance. Find out about the applicant’s work ethic, strengths and weaknesses. Prepare questions before talking to the reference and take notes. And be sure to ask the most important question of all – “Would you hire this person again?”

Get help.

Staffing agencies can be a big help in finding the right people. They have extensive networks to help increase the talent reservoir. Recruiters are experienced in evaluating people to find those with the right skills.

Don’t wait.

If you find someone who is a good match, a strong candidate, grab him or her as quickly as you can before someone else snaps him up. Top talent usually attracts a number of offers, so the longer you delay in making your decision, the greater the chance you will lose the person.

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