A constant challenge in the workplace is being able to focus on your work, to avoid distractions and interruptions. And it is difficult. Part of the problem is they way our brains have evolved over millennia. Our brains don’t want to waste energy, so they tend to simply react most of the time to all of the external stimuli that shower it all day long.

And so while this may be more energy efficient, it’s not very effective at getting anything done. You are not in control. You are simply chasing the next thing that grabs your attention.

To get beyond this, there are some things you can do, according to psychologists.

Control your environment.

Researchers have found out that people who overeat seldom do it because they are hungry. They do it simply because food is nearby and easy to grab. People eat more food when it is closer than farther away.

The same is true for our focus. It is more difficult to focus when there are distractions nearby than when they are farther away. So, put your smartphone somewhere where you cannot easily get to it. And do the same for other distractions.

Remain calm.

When you are more excited, you are more apt to simply react to what is around you, rather than taking action that is proactive. Stress, for example, robs us of our rational thinking. We literally do things without thinking when we are stressed.

So, it is important to take a little break and calm yourself so you can engage your rational self.

Think about your goals.

Thinking about what you ultimately want to achieve will help you to focus. It gives you a feeling of control and even releases neurochemicals in your brain that act as a reward system.

Decide to focus.

Think and make a conscious, articulated decision in your mind to take an action moving you forward. Articulating the decision to yourself actually does help you to focus better. Neuroscientists have found that the act of making a conscious decision actually dampens activity in those areas of the brain that lead you toward reactive behaviors.

Make the decision and then act on it.

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