Job searches are definitely at the high end of the anxiety and stress spectrum. And one of the most anxious times during the job search is waiting to hear back from a company after you have submitted application materials.

Human resource people advise checking back with the employer if you have not heard anything within a week or two. In fact, in a recent survey, all of the human resource managers contacted recommended checking back with an employer. Almost forty percent of those responding recommended calling within one to two weeks.

Also, most of the HR people – almost 65 percent — recommended that job candidates contact hiring managers by email. About 20 percent recommended a phone call.

Calling back shows your interest in a job. But, at the same time, HR managers said, candidates need to watch that they are not overly aggressive.

Here are some tips from human resource managers about contacting employers:

Contact hiring managers by email.

Keep your message clear and to the point. Your tone should be one of poise and confidence.

State your case.

In your message, reiterate why you are applying to the company – what you like about its mission. Also, restate what value you can add to the company’s bottom line, what problems you can help the company solve.

Again, keep the message short and focused. Make sure also to check spelling and grammar.

What’s next.

Also in your message, ask what the next steps are in the process and when the company will be contacting candidates about interviews.

Don’t be too assertive.

Making repeated calls or emails to the hiring manager is not going to help your candidacy. It will only annoy him or her and may even cause you to be eliminated from consideration.

Don’t bring up salary.

This is not the time for it. Save a discussion about salary for the interview.

Don’t get down on yourself.

If you send an email, and still hear nothing after a few days, you may want to send a second one. If you still hear nothing, it is time to move on. Don’t become discouraged. It’s all part of the job search. Rejection is simply part of the process.

If you find over a period of time that you are not landing any interviews after submitting applications, it is time to do an evaluation of your job search strategy. You should enlist the help of colleagues, friends, mentors and even career counselors to help you evaluate your approach and the content and format of your resumes.

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