A recent survey shows that the most important recruiting tool for companies is their career website. It is the most valuable resource for job candidates when they are looking at companies, more important than Facebook, Twitter, or any other marketing channels. Almost two-thirds of the job candidates contacted in the survey included it among their top five job search resources, a greater percentage than any other source.

The survey included 100,000 job candidates from 200 companies.

The news should be a wakeup call to companies to make sure their career websites are at their best. Because the career website is so important, firms need to do whatever it takes to make sure these websites communicate the company’s values, products and services, employee testimonials, and why people decide to work at the company

As mentioned, candidates found career websites the most valuable resource, followed by job notifications or agents at 34 percent, LinkedIn career pages at 30 percent, online groups at 26 percent, online employer reviews at 24 percent, employee referral programs at 19 percent, mobile career apps at 12 percent, job fairs at 10 percent,

When job candidates go to career websites, they are most often looking for the values that define a company. After that, they are looking at products and services, then checking out employee testimonials.

The survey results show that attracting talent has become a strategic initiative for employers, and that is leading to a better experience for candidates in the job search process.

But the results also show that mobile apps are still not being used by very many candidates, only about 10 percent.

And there are still problems to be overcome in the hiring process. For example, about half of the job candidates did not receive any status reports on their applications. Also, when companies asked for information about gender, race, and ethnicity, they gave no reason why. In addition, the survey showed that less than half of all recruiters respond to candidates.

In addition, the survey revealed where companies were falling short in the interview process. For example, about 40 percent of all job candidates said the only information they received about a scheduled interview was the date, time and place.

However, on the plus side, the survey showed that most companies only do one or two interviews now, a higher percentage than ever.

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