Millennials have been the focus of attention for some time. Businesses want to know what kind of employees they will be and what kind of customers as well. Naturally, being a younger generation, their skills, values and desires are different from older workers, such as the Baby Boomers.

Millennials have garnered a reputation as being more technologically savvy, creative, and unconventional. Whereas older workers are more concerned about financial matters, these younger workers, although still motivated by money, also highly value work that is interesting and challenging, and a workplace that offers more flexibility and communication.

If your company is interested in attracting Millennials as employees, these are things to keep in mind as far as the benefitsyou can offer. Millennials may not be swayed as much by higher salaries, bonuses or other traditional fringe benefits as older workers. Here are some perks that may catch their attention.

1. Travel benefits
Millennials value traveling and socializing. So, if your company can offer some kind of travel perk, it may give you an advantage. Airbnb, for example, offers a travel credit to employees to spur them to travel four times a year.

2. Flexibility
Many Millennials choose flexibility in their work schedules over higher pay. They value their personal time, and they like a schedule that has more flexibility, as well as working from home options.

3. Training and team building courses
Millennials also value learning, and understand the importance of continual learning over a lifetime. So, another good perk to offer is training and team building instruction.

4. Game rooms
This is a generation weened on electronics after all. They have been playing electronic games all of their lives.

5. Gym memberships
Millennials also value staying healthy. They are active and concerned about living a healthy lifestyle, so offering a gym membership is a good perk for them. It also has big benefits for the company. Keeping employees healthy makes them more productive, more cooperative, and reduces time off from illness.

6. Charity events
Millennials look for work that is meaningful and socially relevant. Sponsoring charity events is a good way to add these things to their workplace. It could be something like serving meals at a food bank or cleaning up a public space.

7. Food
Many larger companies offer catered food to their employees. Again, eating healthy is important to Millennials, and offering free food as a perk is sure to catch their attention.

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