Tired of the job you have now? Not getting any satisfaction or fulfillment from your work ? Thinking about making a change? Some people see a career change as just the thing they need to get them engaged and excited about their work. 

You hear stories about people who have made the transition from one kind of career to another. And it always seems like the person made the decision and, boom, it happened. They took the plunge and started something new.

But making these kinds of transitions is never simple or easy, and they seldom happen overnight, according to career strategists. There must be a lot of exploring done first. There are a few bold souls who will try to do it cold turkey – quit their job and take a tremendous risk to achieve their dream. But for most, the best strategy, the strategy most likely to work, is a more gradual, step by step plan.

That means kicking the tires first, so to speak, trying the new career on for size to see how it feels. So, for example, if you are thinking about starting a business, you might talk to people who have already done what you are planning to do, even work in the business on your days off. You might want to try an internship. These things might be tough to do if you already have a job and are devoting a lot of time to it, but just jumping in without doing any of this research is simply foolish.

Doing things with  a more gradual approach means you have to change your way of thinking, according to career advisers.

One change is that you should take a lot more time to explore your new career option than people generally do now before you make any decisions. In fact, you should not make any decisions too soon, but rather take the time just to try things out.

The other change in thinking is preparing yourself to put in a lot of work in identifying the opportunities available in the career you want to take. You can’t just do a cursory search and decide there’s nothing there. You need to be willing to learn about the new career, develop interests that coincide with the career, and spend a lot of time with the people who are doing the job you want to do.

Another thing to think about is making the jump all at once. How feasible is it? Is the new career something completely different from what you are now doing? If it is, a more doable approach might be to take a smaller step in the direction of that career first.

The hardest part of the whole job change process is making that small first step.

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