Some companies, as they grow larger and expand to different geographical areas, are now breaking up their human resource departments as well from one central location, and setting up satellite HR offices to help better serve their employees. The thinking is that if the HR department is closer to the people it serves, it can do a better job.

But doing this involves a pretty big change in the way HR operates, and companies do experience some growing pains in setting things up. In fact, employee satisfaction often goes down after the change.

But companies can make it work. For example, there was an entertainment company that decided to break up its HR department. The firm had increased from about 500 to 3,000 employees over five years. It had grown to about 15 locations around the world. As a result, HR was having difficulty servicing all of the offices in a timely manner because of location and because of time zone differences. But the company made the move smoothly and increased its HR effectiveness and efficiency. How did they do it?

First, they looked for the best HR people they could find to staff their various field offices. Initially, this cost the company more money, but it paid off in the services the people provided.

When it began the process, the company held an in-depth orientation for all HR employees so that they would know exactly how things were going to be run and exactly what would be expected of them in the field offices. As new HR employees came on board, they also received the same orientation, which became an ongoing process.

The company also conducted monthly conference calls for HR employees, so that they did not feel isolated, and to work out any problems. The company also from time to time held retreats for HR staff to build up morale.

The company also assigned a an HR mentor from the corporate headquarters to each HR person in the satellite offices, a person to go to for support, information and advice.

Companies do need to realize, however, that doing this HR outsourcing involves a big change in the organization, and companies planning to make this change should look at organizational change strategies, and possibly hire an organizational change expert to help out.

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