Whether you have a job and are looking to advance your career, or are currently looking for work, you are probably getting a lot of advice about social media. You need to be out there, selling your personal brand, goes the conventional wisdom. And, many will say, the more platforms you are on, the better.

Some experts, in fact, say there really is no other way than to be everywhere all the time on social media. Many feel that somehow they will be left out if they don’t keep up their end of the conversation.

But with the proliferation of different types of social media platforms, some in the business world are beginning to reconsider the mandate to be as ubiquitous as possible in the social media world.

Now, some are looking at cutting back and trying to focus their efforts on those platforms where they believe they will have the most impact. They are looking at those places where they can better use their strengths. For example, for a company like Benjamin Moore paints, where color is a significant factor, Pinterest is a great place to have a presence. But for someone who works more in the realm of ideas, blogging and tweeting are a better place to be.

In fact, says business consultant Dorie Clark, trying to do too much at too many places may actually hurt your image rather than help it, because it will result in poor or mediocre content. Having a presence, by itself, is pretty much meaningless, if few are looking at what you produce. If, for example, you have a Twitter account with 20 followers or a MySpace page that no one has accessed for years, it looks worse than not having anything at all, Clark says.

Because there are so many different types of social media now, it is becoming apparent that no one can become proficient in the use of each one of them. The goal now should be to figure out which ones to have a presence on, and which ones to close down.

And you can probably get some idea of which platforms are popular with particular groups. Pinterest is more popular with women, while Google+ is more popular with men, Clark says.

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