Do you have a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach that things aren’t going well at your company and that layoffs might be ahead? Do you think you could be one of the ones who are laid off?

Or does your boss keep looking at you funny (or avoids looking at you at all), and you’re worried you’re about to be fired?

Read below for six indications that you’re about to receive a pink slip.

  1. As mentioned above, your boss doesn’t look at you anymore. Or maybe she does, but she doesn’t ask you to take on projects anymore. Bosses don’t ignore employees they intend to keep around, so you might want to at least dust off your resume and give it an update.
  2. In addition, if a supervisor who once joked and ribbed you suddenly stops, that could be a sign that you’re not long for his work world. Bosses who become “all business” could be in the process of detaching from you emotionally. This often is the case when lay offs are coming and your name is on the pink-slip short list.
  3. Is your boss documenting your mistakes more and more? Was your last performance review less than stellar? You could be among the first to go in the event of a reduction-in-force (RIF).
  4. Have you already “quit,” but continue to show up for work each day? That is, have you stopped giving your best effort? Are you surfing for hours a day on the Internet or checking your social media feeds? Is it all you can do to get to work each day? Don’t think that your boss hasn’t noticed. He could well have noticed so much that he’s going to call you in on Friday to tell you you’re no longer employed.
  5. In a similar vein, are you so fed up with your employer that you no longer care, and so you do just the bare minimum of work. If this continues, you can bet that – unless you leave first – your employer will tell you you’re gone.
  6. Sometimes, you want to go yourself but don’t have the courage to make the break, so you consciously (or sometimes unconsciously) come to work with a chip on your shoulder and a “no can do” attitude. If this is you, you can rest assured that your boss eventually will do what you can’t and tell you “you’re outta here!”

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