Working in human resources or management, it may often seem that there are not enough hours in a work day to get done all that you need to. And the demands on your time seem only to grow. How can you get everything done that you need to and still have a life?

To try and tackle what you have on your plate, the first thing to do is determine how and where you are going to spend your time and effort. The key to getting things done, according to time management expert Elizabeth Saunders, is to recognize what really is important, and to put most of your energy there, while settling for less than your best at everything else.

Some salespeople, for example, are able to see more clients than others because that is what they focus on. They are content to spend less time doing the paperwork, even though it may be sloppy. They know no one will care as long as they are bringing in the revenue.

They are focusing on exploiting their strengths, rather than trying to fix weaknesses. You need to focus your efforts on where the payoff is the greatest, and, simply put, give short shrift to those areas that matter least.

We need to admit to ourselves the truth – there really isn’t enough time to do everything you need to do, no matter how efficient you are. Our work lives have become so full of demands that time management is no longer possible. So, Saunders says, stop worrying about time management.

What you have to do is figure out where you are not going to spend your time because you just won’t be able to get to everything done, no matter how efficient you are. Saunders says that once you realize this, you won’t feel so stressed and so much like a failure. So, at work, you might, for example, curtail your involvement with committees, or at home, hire someone to take care of the lawn.

Saunders says you also need to set boundaries on the amount of time you allocate to different areas. Working extremely long hours just doesn’t pay off. It leads to shortchanging yourself on other important areas, such as exercise, sleep and relationships.

The time you spend on important matters should be automatic – something built into your daily schedule that you do no matter what, usually at the same time each day.

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