In the past, contingent workers were looked at as last-minute, stop-gap measures, something to plug a hole to keep things running. But that is not the case any longer. Companies are using contingent workers in increasing numbers for all kinds of jobs, integrating them into their business operations like never before.

As this process has been taking place, human resource departments have been looking at ways to use these workers to the company’s best advantage and to help the company get the best return on investment.

Companies have developed best practices for the use of contingent labor. These strategies better help companies handle production when demand is greater and when demand falls off. The strategies also help in planning to use contingent labor take in vacant positions until full-time people are hired. Other strategies involve taking on someone as a temporary worker to screen him or her for a possible permanent position. Other strategies use contingent labor for areas where there is a lot of turnover, incorporating the turnover rate into the planning process.

Companies that are effective at using their contingent labor work to predict when they will need temporary workers and work them into the big-picture. These companies try to figure out when business will pick up and slow down before it happens, as well as when more labor will be needed for projects.

These companies also set up specific budgets for their temporary labor and they set up a system to monitor their contingent workforce and what they are spending on it.

Companies that are most effective using contingent labor are now moving away from using multiple staffing firms. Instead, they use one firm as their primary contact, and then that staffing company works with others in the area to find the specialized labor that each service is best at delivering. The primary service sets up strategic partnerships with the other firms in order to best supply the needed labor to the client company. This arrangement generally works best when companies use a high level of temporary workers, which is usually 20 or more people.

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