Sometimes when the HR department at your company tries to apply a best practice in use somewhere else, it doesn’t seem to work out quite the way the department had planned.

That was the experience at one HR shop, where they were having trouble with succession planning and talent management. Human resources managers had spent many hours studying the best practices at other companies and copied the best parts of what they had seen. But what had worked well at other places didn’t do as well at their place.

It is not difficult to see why there might be difficulty in transferring practices from one place to another. Each organization is different, with its own particular market, structures, history, leadership and culture. But, even so, there are commonalities among all businesses. Without such similarities, no one would be able to learn anything. Yet, some firms are better at copying the techniques of others. The question is why some companies are more successful at transferring best practices than others.

If your human resources department is having difficulty with this, it might be for one of the following reasons:

One reason may be that you’re not adapting the process to your company. Before incorporating a new process, you must first fit it to the new environment. Because companies are different, it is seldom that one company can simply take another’s process and use it “off the shelf,” without any effort to customize it. You need not only to learn the process, but also to understand the guiding principles that inform the process. It takes more than just sending a few managers for training, but to actually determine how you can apply the process to your company in a way that makes sense.

Another reason a transfer may fail is that there is no support or commitment from the leadership of the company to making the borrowed process work.

In the human resources department with the succession planning problem, HR was committed to implementing it, but line management was not.  For most, it became a task of filling out forms.  They looked nice, but really weren’t used for making any important decisions about filling positions.

So, to really benefit from borrowing best practices, they must be adapted to your company and fully supported by the leadership.

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