When you need to fill a personnel gap quickly, you may need to rely upon the services of a staffing firm such as Winston Resources to help you find a temporary professional to help you during a crunch time.

Although the professional we’ll find you is temporary, we’ve found that our most successful clients don’t cut corners when it comes to the orientation and training of temporary staff.

Helping a temporary employee succeed with solid orientation and training likely is going to result in you receiving the best effort from the employee. In addition, if safety is critical in your workplace, to skimp on training/orientation means you increase the risk that something could happen to your temporary employee, your regular employees, your property/tools — or all three.

As you consider bringing in a temporary worker, be sure to contact managers, supervisors and others who will be working with the individual. Give the staffing service as much detail as possible regarding the day-to-day duties of the position, as well as the skills and even personality needed to be successful in the position. This makes it easier for the staffing service to find you a great candidate, one who will be able to “hit the ground running,” when he or she reports to your worksite.

As you give the temporary an orientation, aim to give as much information as you would to a “regular” employee. Tell the contract worker about lunch and rest breaks, company rules, safety regulations. Give the worker a tour of his or her workspace, including bathrooms, break rooms and any lunch rooms.

Let the new temporary worker understand clearly what you expect of him or her. Let the worker know it’s OK to ask questions and be sure to tell the worker who on your team can answer questions.

Check in with the worker every now and then. Ask how things are going and if there’s anything you or someone else can do to help with any bumps in the road the worker may have encountered.

If you find after a few days or hours (depending on how long you need the worker), that the temporary employee isn’t what you need, contact the staffing service immediately. The company can find you a replacement quickly.

Are you in need of reliable and skilled temporary administrative assistants for your NYC-area company? Then contact Winston Resources. We have a large database of talented and reliable professionals available to work at a moment’s notice. We look forward to hearing from you!

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