If you’re not making the effort to listen to your employees via formal employee feedback systems, it’s time you started.

A recent study reports that half of those companies contacted for the survey said they did not use employee surveys. More importantly — and sadly, actually — of those companies that did survey their workers, almost half didn’t do anything with the responses!

In the report, HR specialists commented on how important conducting employee surveys can be. They allow an employer the chance to know what workers are really thinking, especially important during times of change and stress (such as during the recent recession). Allowing employees’ views and voices to be heard helps increase their engagement and, ultimately, a company’s success.

In fact, the studies state that there’s a real correlation between if and how a company uses employee feedback surveys and how the workers perceive their employer: Employees tended to feel that businesses that heeded employee feedback had better working conditions than those firms that did not.

What issues do employees tend to bring up when asked? Not surprisingly, salaries ranked as number one when it came to worker dissatisfaction, particularly when it came to comparing rank-and-file wages and those of more senior employees. Workers also felt that their share of health insurance premium costs was too high, particularly for prescription drugs. Employees also voiced concern about “top-heavy” management structure, with too many people giving orders and too few people available to carry them out.

Workers also voiced concern about communication between management and employees: They wished leaders and supervisors were more available. Comments voiced also included the perception that workloads were too much and/or that departments didn’t have enough staff to complete tasks efficiently.

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  1. Kimberly

    Great employees are always interested in learning new things and expanding their skill sets. It would be great if you will know your employee feedback so you can attend to their needs. There’s no better time than the present to provide the resources employees need to increase their value to the company.


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