Now that you’ve hired someone to fill a position, you’ll want to get your new working relationship started right.

Which means you’ll need to begin his or her time with your company with something of a bang.

Below are some tips on how to get your new employee started at your company with a positive feeling about your firm, his colleagues and his place in your organization.

Make sure you show your employee where the bathrooms and break rooms are. Show him where he can find a cup of coffee or soda and snacks. Let him know about your lunch schedule (if you have one) and how strict your policy is regarding arriving to work right on time, Internet surfing, etc. These are the little “unwritten” rules that really run your department.

Consider taking your whole team out to lunch on your new employee’s first day.

Be sure you’ve told your team members a bit about the new employee before he starts. Once on site, take the time to show your employee around and introduce him to people in different departments.

If possible, give the employee an organization chart as well as a seating plan. This can help make sense of the blur of names and faces he meets in his first few days.

Make sure all security cards and computer passwords are set up and working for your new employee.

The way you treat your employee the first days of his employment with your company will set the tone for entire stay in your employ. Make those days positive ones.

If your employee needs training — on computers, equipment, office procedures — make sure he receives this training as soon as possible. Naturally, you’ll want to make these “induction trainings” as interesting and as simple as you can. Your new hire is probably overwhelmed with information overload. Instead of going into every little detail about your employee’s tasks, your company’s policies and procedures, etc., streamline the information as much as possible. The nitty gritty will come with time. Keeping it clean and simple allows your new hire to get a general understanding of how things are done at your company.

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