One of the most important capabilities that companies are looking for in job candidates is leadership skills. And businesses are looking to develop these skills in their management ranks as well.

Another organization that is very interested in developing leadership skills is the U.S. Army. And it has developed an effective framework for nurturing these kinds of skills, one that can easily be applied to the business world and used as a guide for companies.

If you are looking to develop your leadership skills, there are four key areas that you need to focus on, according to the Army framework.

Technical skills

One aspect of leadership is having the technical skills that are needed. The leader needs to know the skills required to accomplish his or her job, and then acquire those skills if needed.

Tactical skills

These are decision-making abilities. Leaders need to make incisive short and long-term decisions in order to accomplish their goals.

Conceptual skills

Leaders need to be able to analyze information and situations and to think creatively. They need to see the big picture and know how to develop a strategy.

Interpersonal skills

Leaders need to know how to work with and motivate others. They need to have skills at persuading and team building.


After Action Review is an effective leadership tool that has been developed by the Army. It is a process that officers and soldiers go through at the conclusion of an operation or maneuver.

It helps people to be better leaders by analyzing the outcomes of the operation, looking both at what worked and what did not.

There are four key questions that form the basis of the analysis.

1. What was expected to happen?

2. What really did happen?

3. What worked and why did it work?

4. What can be done to improve the process or procedure?

In order for the review to be effective, leaders and their team members need to be as honest and objective as possible, and everyone involved should provide input.

Leaders need to reinforce what worked and also put together strategies to get past obstacles that were encountered.

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