Achieving Career Goals

Everyone knows that achieving success in your career requires hard work. But there is another quality just as important, one without which you cannot achieve success. It goes by different names. One of the most common is resilience.

Some psychologists use the term grit, which is meant to define the desire, perseverance, and determination required to achieve career success. Grit is even more important for success than talent or IQ, according to some psychologists.

There are several things that can increase your grit quotient. One is having a genuine sense of purpose, a goal that really matters to you. Practice can also strengthen grit.

Attitude is also a big determinant of grit. You need to believe that with enough effort, you can grow and change and become better, that you can develop yourself through an exercise of your will. Not all people have this attitude. Many believe that their skills and abilities are fixed.

Some ways to build up resilience and grit

1. Remember your purpose

When you encounter obstacles and difficulties, remind yourself why you are striving toward this goal, what it means to you and why it matters, why it’s so important, and what benefits it can deliver.

2. Keep things in perspective

As you are working toward your goals, think about what you can learn from the experience that you can apply to other areas of your life or other situations.

If you are encountering obstacles, think about breaking up your efforts into smaller more manageable tasks. Or if a certain course of action is not working out, think about alternatives and other options you might try. Remind yourself to simply keep at it, that only persistent effort will get you to your goal.

3. Breathe

Do activities that will help you to relieve the stress. Remember to take care of yourself as well. You can’t put forth your best effort if you’re not healthy and strong enough. Make sure to get enough exercise, sleep, and a nutritious diet. Meditation is also a great stress reliever.

4. Take a wider view.

If what you’re doing isn’t working, look for ways that you can improve your efforts. For example, do you need to acquire new skills to be able to achieve your goal? Do you need more information or training?

Think about the particular obstacle you are encountering. Can you approach it in a different way? Talk to friends and colleagues for their suggestions and advice on how to approach the problem

5. Get some space

Sometimes you need to give yourself a little distance, to put a little space between yourself and your efforts to help give you a new perspective on the problem.

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