Companies spend huge amounts of money each year to train their managers into becoming great leaders by essentially trying to mold their personality. This despite the fact that once a person reaches the age of 30, their personality and their values really change very little.

But the fact is that some leaders do actually get better with coaching. Why does this happen with some and not with others? Psychology has determined that there are some essential qualities that enable a person to become a better leader. Here are three of them.

1. Drive

People with ambition and energy, as you might expect, are more likely to become better leaders. This is mostly because they are never satisfied. They always want more. It is their ambition that drives them on.

This drive may actually be the result of insecurity. People grasp for recognition to make up for their perceived inadequacies.
And, in fact, it is possible to be too ambitious, where the desire to be recognized overshadows the desire to become better.

2. Openness

Most people really don’t like to get feedback because, let’s face it, who likes to be criticized? But people become great leaders by being open to receiving critical feedback. This is what helps them to grow and reach their potential. They are open to new experiences, new perspectives, and they use that feedback to become better.

3. Humility.

When most people envision the qualities that make a leader, what comes to mind are things like confidence, assertiveness, even arrogance. But the fact is that people who are a little more humble, who realize their limitations, who know they have room for improvement, these are the people who show greater potential to improve and get better.

In other words, they are more self-aware, rather than being deluded about how good they are.

A lot of the focus on developing leadership talent these days is on stroking the egos of people who really have no need for it. What is needed with these people, rather, is to knock back some of that arrogance so that they can see the need for improvement.

In other words, real improvement in leadership will only come if the person really wants to change and wants to improve.

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