Creativity. At one time, the people who cared about it the most were writers and artists. But no more. Now it’s a skill that is in demand at many different companies. As technology has advanced and the world has become more complex, people with analytical skills and creativity are needed to solve the complex problems facing companies today.

Creativity used to be viewed as something ephemeral and mysterious. Few thought it was something that could be learned, but rather that it was an innate ability. But that is no longer the case.

For example, studies of thousands of artists and scientists have shown that creativity is based at least in part on productivity. The more efforts a person makes, the greater the odds that he or she will produce something creative –and also produce more failures as well.

Many artists prove the point – the most prolific appear to be the most creative. The science fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote 500 books, Mozart more than 600 compositions, and Picasso produced more than 10,000 paintings.

The research shows that creativity can be developed, and it is based on this principle of quantity. The more you produce, the greater the chance something creative will come out.

Here are some ways to increase output to enhance the probability of being creative.

1. Focus on process, not product

Don’t focus so much on the quality of the end result, but rather on the process involved in the making itself. And realize that even if this particular effort does not satisfy, you will soon be doing it again. The key is to keep making the effort. And it doesn’t have to be a time consuming one. If you want to write, put a paragraph or two in a notebook on a regular basis. If you want to draw, sketch something.

2. Make a quota

Decide how of often you want to do your creative work. You may want to do it every day or take more time between your efforts. Quantity by itself is not the goal. It is simply a way of providing a framework to reach the quality of work you desire.

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