When the pandemic struck, many people lost their jobs. Unemployment skyrocketed. As a result, many are now looking for work under particularly difficult circumstances. The economy is sputtering, and the pandemic is still going strong. As a result, job searches are likely to take a good deal longer than during more stable times.

That is going to put job seekers under a lot more stress and drive up anxiety levels a great deal. Here are some tips to handle the stress and keep it from overwhelming you.

1. Build breaks into your schedule

We have been programmed throughout our lives to keep going until the job is finished. So, if you have a certain task you are working on, such as making calls or doing research, you may not want to stop until you have completed it. But this is actually a bad idea.

You need to take breaks, whether you have finished the job or not, because if you don’t, your performance will suffer, and you will be much more likely to make mistakes.

Taking breaks is important, so important, in fact, that you should schedule them in advance, build them into your routine. Research has shown that our concentration begins to flag after about an hour of hard work. So, it may be a good idea to schedule a break every hour.

When you take a break, do something that will reinvigorate you, such as calisthenics or taking a short walk. Do something that will get you moving and away from your desk. Don’t just sit there surfing the web. Also, every few days, take a longer break from your job search, such as going for a hike at a state park or visiting some attraction.

2. Watch for negative thoughts

These can really drain you of energy and resolve. They can put you into a bad mood and create depression. You need to recognize when they begin to pop up in your head and counteract them. You do this by realizing that negative thoughts are powered by emotion, rather than rational thought, and they can be fought with rational thinking – beginning with the fact that just because you have these thoughts doesn’t mean they are true.

3. Record your victories and accomplishments

This will also help you to keep your spirits up when you begin to feel that the search will never end. At the end of each day, record what you accomplished. This will help put you in a better mood.

4. Read how others overcame adversity

Everyone has to face adversity. No one can avoid it. It is uplifting to read how others confronted it and what they did to overcome their challenges.

5. Have a support system

You should have a person or people you can call for a pep talk when things are not going well.

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