Because many people are working from home during the pandemic, they are communicating by video conference, using apps like Zoom. Since this kind of interaction is very different from one that is face to face, there are certain measures you need to take to ensure that you are communicating as effectively and efficiently as possible. Here are a few.

1. Prepare

You want to make sure all of your electronics are working properly before your meeting. You don’t want to find out just before you start that there is a problem with the connection or that your microphone is not working properly. So take the time to check things out in advance to prevent delays.

2. Your entire face should be visible

You should place the camera just above eye level. This will ensure that your face can be seen clearly by others. This also helps to give the impression of eye contact, mimicking that of a face-to-face meeting. Try to avoid wide angles that bring a large portion of the background into the image, which will take the focus away from your face.

3. Don’t look at yourself

Look into the camera, not at your own image when it appears on the screen. This makes it appear to the other person or persons that you are distracted and not paying attention.

4. Use a plain background

A blank wall usually works best as a background. Avoid having a lot of decorative items in the picture because they can be distracting. Also, make sure the room is well lit.

5. Mute the mic

When you are not talking, mute your microphone. When you are having a video conference with several people, and they all have their microphones turned on, you get a lot of background noise which can make it difficult to hear. Also, tell other family members not to enter the room during the meeting.

6. Use live chat

If you have a question while someone else is speaking, try not to interrupt the person. Instead, use the live chat option to record your question. The speaker will see the question and can answer it after they have finished speaking.

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