If you are going to a job interview, you naturally want to be as prepared as possible. To do this, you need to take advantage of every information gathering opportunity that you can. One of the best opportunities to collect this information is when you receive the invitation to come for the interview.

It may be by email or over the phone. Either way, use this opportunity to ask questions that will help you land the job.

The first piece of data you should get is the name, job title, and contact information for the person who is setting up the interview with you. You need to get this information to send a confirmation email later and also to have a contact if you should have any follow up questions.

Before actually scheduling the interview, find out what you can about the job itself to determine if it is really something you want to pursue. If it is, you can focus other following questions on the interview process.

After learning about the job, you may decide that it is definitely not for you, and you may want to move on to other prospects. Many career advisors recommend, however, that even if you are not interested in the job, you should still do the interview for the experience.

Information About the Job

One important question you should ask is why the job is available and where the last person who held the job is now. You can also ask how long the job has been open for. If it has been open for some time, it could mean they are having trouble filling the position or that the company moves slowly, things to keep in mind and follow up on in the interview.

Find out who the supervisor is for the position. This will enable you to do some research on the hiring manager before going to the interview. You should also ask about the number of people that the supervisor manages and who they are. You can also ask about the pay for the job and how the salary fits into the overall salary structure of the company. Most large employers have a standard salary setup.

In addition, you should seek other information about the hiring process, such as the number of interviews the company usually conducts and whom they are with, how long the hiring process will take, who will be interviewing you and how long it will generally last, and the type of interview – for example, a one-on-one meeting, or a panel interview, or something else.

Find out if you need to bring anything other than your resume, and when they expect the new hire to begin working.

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