You have just received a job offer, and naturally are excited about it. Before accepting it, however, you need to step back for a bit and take some time to look at the situation more objectively. You don’t want to end up in a job or a company that is not a good fit for you. You want something that is going to add to your expertise and move you along in your career.

Here are some things to think about and do some research on before making your decision.

1. What are the opportunities for professional growth?

You should have been given some idea about this during the interview. Will the job give you enough opportunity to advance in your career, to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities? Does the company, for example, promote from within?

2. What’s the turnover like?

This is an important marker for employee satisfaction, and a high turnover rate at a company is a big red flag. A little research ought to give you the information you need about turnover. If it is high, you need to find out why.

3. What is your supervisor like?

Is your prospective supervisor someone you could work with? Does he or she seem reasonable, open to questions, a good communicator, willing to accept and give feedback? Talk with other workers in the department to try and get some opinions about the person.

4. Are you excited about the job and what you will be doing?

Is it something you really have a passion for? Would you be willing to put in the extra hours needed to really excel at it? If you have to put in extra hours, will you do it eagerly and with a sense of purpose, or with a feeling of frustration?

5. How do you feel about the salary?

If you have real issues with the salary, they are unlikely to dissipate. You may feel like you are being taken advantage of, that the company does not value your expertise. This will spill over into your job performance.

6. What is the benefits package like?

This is more important than ever because of the cost of health insurance and retirement.

7. What is the commute like?

The average commute time in the U.S. is 25 minutes? How will yours compare? A long commute time may dampen your enthusiasm for the job.

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