One of the important things employers look for among job candidates is enthusiasm and passion for their job. Most people believe that someone cannot be really good at their job if they do not love what they do.

So it is important to show the passion and enthusiasm you have for your job at the interview. Unfortunately, many people fail to do this. But it’s not because they have no passion. It’s just that they are unsure how to express that emotion during the job interview.

They may feel that it is inappropriate to show such emotion, or they are afraid how they will be perceived by showing it. But showing this emotion is a key element in any job interview and should not be overlooked.

Here are some ways to express your enthusiasm during the interview.

1. When you are asked why you are interested in the job. This is the place to show your passion for your work. If you cannot muster enough enthusiasm for this question, you need to examine why.

2. When you are responding to the question asking you to tell about yourself. This is an excellent time to explain what you really enjoy about your work, why you decided on this particular career.

3. Another good time to show your passion is when you are telling a story to illustrate an achievementl, explaining what was interesting or exciting about the particular project.

4. You can show your enthusiasm when talking about a skill, explaining why you enjoy using that skill.

Use Language that conveys enthusiasm. For example, you can say, “What I love about my job is,” or “What excites me about my job is,” or “What was exciting (or interesting or exhilarating or any synonym) about the project was.” You can use terms like remarkable, amazing… when describing your job or your industry.

Body Language

This is just as important in conveying your enthusiasm. Be sure to smile occasionally. You can gesture with your hands, lean forward a little when you talk, and convey excitement through the tone and volume of your voice.

What you always need to keep in mind, however, is never to pretend with expressing enthusiasm or excitement. If you really don’t feel it, don’t fake it. The hiring manager will see through the façade.

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