Our outlook or mindset can have a tremendous influence on our attitudes and performance. So it is important to have a positive outlook if we want to achieve our goals.

“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven,” said the poet John Milton.

We cannot change what external events happen to us, but what we can control is our attitude toward them and how we respond to them

A person’s mindset is a powerful thing, forming our basic assumptions about life and ourselves. It determines how we respond to the world and the effort we put in to achieve our goals.

Fixed vs Growth

One psychologist, Carol Dweck, has done studies of people’s mindsets that have gained a lot of attention. She found two basic types of mindsets – growth versus fixed.

Someone with a fixed mindset believes that their abilities and intelligence are fixed and unchangeable, that they cannot be developed. As a result, they spend little time trying to expand or improve themselves and their abilities. Others, however, have a growth mindset, and they believe the opposite, that abilities can be developed and improved through perseverance and effort.

These views that people have, Dweck found, have a big effect on how people lead their lives and whether they achieve their goals and dreams. Those with a growth mindset have more motivation and take advantage of opportunities to improve themselves.

We can change our mental state, but it takes work. The first thing to do is assess your current outlook. Examine the belief system you have now. Where did you get these beliefs from? How true are they? Are they helping you with your life and career or hindering you?


One of the most effective ways to change your mindset is through positive self-talk. It is the process of talking to yourself into a better mental state, telling yourself what your strengths are and that you can do better. This actually helps to set up new neurological pathways in the brain. Telling yourself how you want to think, feel and act will actually begin to form those pathways in your brain that will help you change your behavior.

It will take time to change your mindset. Break things down and work toward your goals in small steps. Make small goals each day as part of working toward your larger goals. Pay attention to your self-talk. Think positive and keep moving forward, no matter how slowly.

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