We all want to be more productive — the workload seems to grow all the time. There has been a lot of information published about productivity and how to enhance it, covering things like time management, organizing, even lifestyle changes.

In the ongoing effort to increase productivity, there is one key factor that should not be overlooked – the morning routine. It turns out that this is crucial to maintaining and increasing productivity and performance.

Morning Energy Levels

The reason is rather simple – the morning, after we have had a good night’s sleep, is the time when we are most alert and our energy levels are highest. Psychologists say this morning window of opportunity is during the first three hours after we awaken. This is the time when we can do the most to enhance our productivity.

The morning is when we are able to focus better and even think more clearly. It is also when we are at our most creative. That’s because, as you sleep, your mind is assimilating and making connections among your recent experiences, so that when you wake, your mind is ready for doing work that requires active thinking, according to psychologists.

Also, because this is the time when you are rested and reenergized, you have more reserves of willpower and self-discipline that tend to become depleted over the course of the day.

The Importance of a Good Breakfast

Nutritionists also recommend eating a breakfast that is high in protein. High protein foods take longer to digest and so give you a feeling of satiety for a longer period of time. These kinds of foods also keep your blood sugar levels at a constant level, which can prevent food cravings, as well as keeping energy levels constant.

So, to be more productive, it is important to protect this morning time for work. That means not scheduling morning meetings or wasting time going through emails or social media until after the first three hours. Some people also wait until later to do their workout.

Others follow the 90-1 rule – spending the first 90 minutes of the day working on the task that you have determined to be your number one priority.

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