Frustration is something we have to deal with on a daily basis, especially at work. We all realize that it is part of life.
But, even so, we are not very good at handling it.

Sometimes we fly off the handle, do or say something that often makes matters worse. The problem is that frustration is deceptive. It lures us in. It makes us feel better for a brief time after the release of emotion. But after that, we have to clean up the mess we have made, repairing relationships that have been frayed by the eruption.

The fact is, it is harder to do damage control after expressing our frustration than it would be to avoid the outburst in the first place. Nothing is more counterproductive.

Understanding Frustration

To handle frustration better, we need to develop a better understanding of what it actually is and what causes it. Although there is certainly an emotional component, it also involves our perspective or outlook on a particular situation. We are not getting what we think we deserve in that particular instance.

And so it becomes an opportunity to examine why we feel this way, to examine our own attitude and grow from the experience. Frustration is the result of some underlying problem, and being frustrated does nothing to solve that problem.

Take a Break

So, the first thing to do when you are feeling frustrated is to realize that you need to decompress. You need a time out. Something is not going right, and you need to find the cause of it, but frustration will only get in the way of finding the cause. So, instead of being reactive, you need to become more proactive.

Get some distance, and then examine what the nature of the problem is. Analyze the issue. Frustration is a symptom of feeling helpless. Analyzing the situation will help to restore some control. Why is it happening? What is really going on?

Instead of focusing on the discomfort, focus on the information that the situation is giving about how we look at things. Then, frustration becomes an opportunity to think about our beliefs and behaviors that are not helping us, and make change.

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