Many companies are investing more in training their employees.

That was the message from a recent survey of more than 2,200 CFOs in companies located in the 20 largest metropolitan areas. The survey was conducted by an independent research firm.

Nearly one-third of all the companies surveyed reported spending more on training and professional development this year than last, while only 10 percent reported a drop. The other 60 percent reported spending levels similar to last year.

CFOs reported training programs for accounting and finance professionals in regulatory compliance, new technologies, technical skills and in soft skills, such as communication, collaboration and leadership areas.

Human resource professionals highlight the importance of professional development in recruiting and retaining the best people. Moreover, they stress the importance not only of learning new skills and knowledge for current use, but in acquiring the skills and capabilities that will be needed in the future.

Different Approaches to Professional Development

There are many ways to incorporate this training into your company culture, other than the traditional classroom setting.

Guest Speakers

One way, for example, is to invite guest speakers. You can have experts from inside and outside the company come to talk about issues and topics relevant to your employees.

Job Rotation

Another good training method is job rotation, where employees work in different areas of the company to gain new knowledge, skills and experience.


Mentorships are another effective way of professional development. More senior, experienced employees help to coach and guide younger workers.

Integrating Teams

Another more hands-on approach to professional development is through integrating teams across different departments. Here, workers from different departments work together, sharing their knowledge and skills. This is an opportunity for people to develop leadership skills and hone decision-making abilities as well.


Consultants can also be used to help with training and professional development. They can serve as mentors to more junior staff, as well as conducting seminars where they pass along the knowledge  and insight they have gained.


Volunteering is also another way to foster professional development. Workers will learn how to plan and collaborate, as well as developing leadership skills.

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