If you want to earn more and jump start your career, as well as improve your life overall, you should work on your emotional intelligence. That is the finding of a number of research studies on the subject.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to work well with other people, to form meaningful relationships and to develop strong social networks. One recent study found that those who have high emotional intelligence earn almost $30,000 more a year than those with low emotional intelligence. It doesn’t make any difference what industry you work in, what kind of position you have, or where in the world you work, those with high emotional intelligence generally earn a lot more than those without. What’s more, the higher up you go in a company, the more important emotional intelligence becomes.

Studies also have found that those with high emotional intelligence and just average IQ also performed much better in their jobs than those with a high IQ and just average emotional intelligence.

People who have high emotional intelligence are more adept at discerning the emotions of other people. They are better able to recognize and understand these emotions. As a result, they are able to navigate the politics of an organization more adroitly, to enlist the help of others when they need help, and to form stronger bonds with coworkers. They are also better able to monitor and control their own emotions, which enables them to communicate more effectively with others. Emotionally intelligent people are more eager to help others, and so receive more help in return. They are better at persuading others and are more flexible and better able to deal with the unexpected.

Can Emotional Intelligence Be Learned?

Investigators found that even though a person may not naturally have high emotional intelligence, he or she can develop it. To do this, begin by paying attention to your own emotions. If you can better understand how and why you react the way you do to different people and situations, you will more readily be able to understand how and why others react the way they do.

Be an observer of human nature. Watch your coworkers’ behavior and reflect on what motivates them and why they act the way they do. Try to put yourself in their place to get a sense of why they behave a certain way.

Looking to Take Your Emotional Intelligence and Career to the Next Level?

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