Are you having trouble using your time effectively to get done what you need to? If you are, here a few quick steps to help you get better control of your time and use it to your best advantage.

Make a goal.

When you get to work in the morning, establish an important goal that you want to accomplish. However, there is one important caveat about making this goal – it is something that you believe you can accomplish that day.

Set your time.

After you have established your goal, look at your schedule to determine how much time during the day that you can give toward achieving that goal. Your most important goal that day should get the most time.

Don’t waste time by doing other things that are not that important or that can be done some other time.

Match your goal to your productive time.

When during the day are you at your most productive? If it is in the morning, that is when you want to set aside time to work toward your goal. Don’t squander this productive time by looking at your emails or Facebook. Save that for late. Take advantage of the productive hours to get work done toward your goal.

Step back and evaluate.

At different times toward the day, stop and assess how things are going and where you are at. If it appears unlikely that you will be able to accomplish your goal that day, rework your schedule so that you can still spend as much time as possible working on it.

Follow a schedule.

This is the best way to make sure you get things done. Schedule your time for your tasks, appointments, and meetings, and stick to that schedule. If you do this regularly, you will get yourself used to working on a schedule.

Review at the end of the day.

Take a look at what you accomplished during the day to determine how close you came to achieving your goal. This will help you to see where you could have saved time or done more with your time or perhaps planned better.

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