Businesses today realize the importance of their websites. These online platforms represent a major investment for companies. Websites are used by many different groups – customers, suppliers, job seekers, employees, and the general public.

But, as people usually do, they form judgments quickly when they open a web page. If it does not grab their attention, interest them immediately, they are likely to move on. So, companies need to be aware of the presentation of their website and what kind of traffic those sites are generating to make sure the businesses are getting the most out of them.

Web experts say appearance matters. Your website doesn’t need to have a lot of gimmickry, but it should look professional. It should be easy to navigate and understand, with information displayed clearly. A call-to-action button should have a prominent position.

Here are a few tips on creating an extraordinary website.

Look at your competitors.

Why reinvent the wheel? Examine your competitors’ websites to see what they have done, what is working and what is not. Take advantage of all the research and effort they put into their site.

You can see what kind of approach they are taking and how they are implementing their design, all of which can supply ideas for your own site.

Make it inviting

If you want eyeballs, you need to first draw the visitor in. Don’t be like some companies who are so anxious to explain what they do that they cram as much information and graphics on the homepage as possible.

Again, appearance is paramount. The page needs to look attractive and appealing, easy to understand, enticing the reader to click on other pages.

Keep it current

Information left unattended will become out of date. That is why you need to regularly review and rework your website, making sure the material on it is fresh and current. If people visit your site often and always see the same thing, they won’t bother to return.

So, keep your website original, with a clear, interesting presentation and information that is up to date and you are sure to attract a lot of traffic.

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